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I thought it might be a good idea to offer some insight on us since people often ask. My partner Glen and I started Inventor Angels a few years ago with the primary goal of saving inventors money, inspired by our own lumps and losses we suffered along the way. When we started inventing over 10 years ago we made many costly mistakes, but learned a lot from making them. So we decided to use that knowledge and the great resources we had accumulated to give other inventors a fighting chance and enable them to purse their ideas without wasting money.  At the beginning, we spent most of our time counselling inventors for free and occasionally providing design services for those who really needed them.  To be honest, much of the advice we gave resulted in lost business for us, but being upfront with inventors and helping them make smart decisions is why we started do this, so such is the consequence of that. Most inventors spend way too much money - much more than they need to and they would also often come to us after the fact.  So we would help them pick up the pieces for as little as we could possibly charge them.  Of course, we soon found ourselves doing many hours of work but not even making enough to pay our small overhead.  Hence the reason for our very simple web site (you should have seen the first one…ugh). 

Anyone involved in inventor support can tell you that inventors demand quite a bit and often expect it either for free or from the assumed future value of their ideas. It’s an extremely difficult business model and not at all profitable, especially if you stay true and honest to the mission, which we always have and still do. So don’t expect our website to get any fancier.  We still spend hours giving advice to inventors without charging them and when we do design and licensing work, we try to charge as little as possible (without going bankrupt). Based on what we have seen, we are consistently a fraction of the cost of most (I want to say all) others.  But even with that, there are still those who have unreasonable expectations, which makes us marvel at how some companies can charge thousands for work that we do for hundreds.  It’s discouraging for us at times, but we keep going because we know we’re giving people honest support, solid work, and better value than they will find anywhere.  So no, unlike many companies we’ll never ask for $1500, $3000, or $5000 upfront from anyone. Our primary goal is actually to stop that from happening to anyone.   

We all know that inventing is very difficult with many predatory companies out there taking advantage of the dreamers – yes, like us. The default attitude is mistrust and rightly so.  But we decided when we started this, that the most effective way to fight back is to simply do the best we can for people, giving them honest support, awesome value and a real fighting chance.  We’re not perfect, but we try very hard for inventors, and even though the odds of success are often stacked against, sometimes we hit gold for someone.  That makes it all worth it.

There are some firsthand experiences and good advice (and more insight on us) in some of the articles my partner Glen writes for Inventors Digest magazine and some other inventor support platforms.  You can find a bunch of them on our humble little site on the Tips and Advice tab.  

Best of Luck to All. 

Rob from Inventor Angels (we chose that name for a reason. Corny, yes, but it accurately represents our  intentions).

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