"Inventor Angels was extremely helpful every step of the way. They guided me through the invention process, helped me with design and patenting, and pitched my idea to companies, all at perfectly reasonable prices for my humble budget. As a new inventor, I never would have gotten my idea off the ground without their help." Michael S. - Phoenix, AZ​​

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                                  "An awesome company in a very sketchy industry. Inventor Angels performed so well I cannot put it into words, and for a fair and reasonable price. They took the idea out of my head and turned it into a sell sheet, ideation sheet, and CAD's that just got me a second meeting with the biggest company in my category. Not to mention Glen literally spent hours on the phone with me and responded to hundreds of emails, his patience was incredible for a rookie like me. If you are considering an invention help company or even a graphic arts company, do yourself a favor and contact these guys. They have integrity and truly care about their clients, and all for a very fair price, no second mortgage to get this done!"  Brandon B. - Greeley, CO                  

As inventors for over 13 years we've been through the process many times. We "get it" and know what you're going through. It's never easy, but we've successfully brought our best ideas to market.

Now, armed with our experience and resources which includes some of the finest graphic designers in the business, we help other inventors successfully follow their dreams, guiding them through the process with a focus on efficient creativity, cost reduction and long-term sustainability.  

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                                 “These guys were great…gave me smart advice that pretty much stopped me from wasting my money. Honest and upfront...Highly recommended!”  Theresa W - Marlboro, NJ

We'll help you develop and sell your New Product ideas to major companies. The products we've developed are carried by some of the finest retailers, including:

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                                 “The team at IA provides great strategic guidance and resources to inventors. Thanks for your help in getting lift off!”  Mark D - New York, NY

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we believe in working smarter to preserve the Precious resources of every inventor we help. 

                                 "Inventor Angels is an authentic company not out to deceive inventors and they truly care about your success. I wish I had connected with them 3 years ago when I began my journey as an inventor. They certainly could have saved me much time, money and grief! I recommend them highly!"  Bridget M  - Laurel MD

                                 "When I found Inventor Angels I was on the verge of just giving up.  But with amazing efforts they were able to get interest for my product from the very company I was hoping for the most! Things are turning out great now thanks to Inventor Angels!"  Becky B​​ - Montgomery, AL

empowering inventors with the most Honest and affordable invention support anywhere.     Awesome Product development for new inventions is our thing! 

Over a decade ago, we began like most inventors do. We had a great new product idea and threw a lot of money at it to see it through. As the years passed and other ideas followed, we realized that there had to be a better way.

So we began to work smarter with an emphasis on doing things in a focused and economical way, stripping the process to only the essentials needed to determine the viability of the next step and then going from there.  

The result we feel is the best approach for long term success and survival for the inventor. Taking small, careful steps, using only the resources necessary for each stage. Of course, every product is different and some more functionally complex concepts naturally require more.  But ultimately, we have proven by practice, that great results can be achieved at a fraction of the cost, allowing resources to be spared for that next great project - which, if you're an inventor, always seems to come along!