"What an amazing experience this has been! Glen and his team really worked their butts off for me. So many hurdles, but they have mastered the art of going around, over and through any obstacles in their way! So happy and thankful they were on my side. I finally have the deal I've been waiting years for!! Thanks SO MUCH to the Inventor Angels team!!" 

Colleen Noonan, Greensburg, PA

"I can't say enough about Glen and his team.  At one point, the company I showed my idea to told me it was probably impossible! The guys did an amazing job not only on the design but the prototype too, which ultimately got me the deal!!  MANY THANKS to the Inventor Angels team! You guys ROCK!!"    Veronica R. - Fremont, CA

"Inventor Angels was extremely helpful every step of the way. They guided me through the invention process, helped me with design and patenting, and pitched my idea to companies, all at perfectly reasonable prices for my humble budget. As a new inventor, I never would have gotten my idea off the ground without their help."   Michael S. - Phoenix, AZ

From patent searches to patent applications and beyond, we have the experts and resources necessary to get your new product idea protected - all for the most affordable rates anywhere.

Product Design for Inventors, Design help for inventors
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Whether your invention idea is scribbled on a napkin or fully developed, inching forward or dead in the water, our awesome design team has the passion, skills and creativity to give your idea the life it deserves. 

No matter what stage your idea is, we have the experience and resources to take it to the next level and closer to success. And we do it all for less than anyone else. Guaranteed.

MArket-Wise Development

First impressions are everything, so we'll get your product idea polished and ready to impress potential licensees.  Then we'll research, locate and target appropriate companies to present your awesome product to. 

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The key to successful new product development is designing with future market presence and category in mind. So we plan carefully and make sure that everything is done right the first time, saving you precious time, money and resources.

Inspired Product design

empowering inventors with the most Honest and affordable invention support anywhere.     Awesome Product development for new inventions is our thing! 

protection for your idea

Getting that deal

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